Prenatal Education

Birthing Gently offers a variety of classes designed to prepare you and your family for both the birth process as well as how to take care of mothers and infants after birth. These include childbirth education classes, newborn care classes and breastfeeding classes.  We provide any of these classes in private home settings for any interested family members. Private or semi-private classes can be customized for the needs and comfort of our clients. In conjunction with Healthy Families we offer group classes for young mothers and couples.

Private Childbirth Education Boston

Coverage of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum recovery. We will discuss the anatomy and physiology of all the phases of labor and birth. You and your partner will learn many invaluable tools for each phase that will help prepare you for a positive birth experience. You will gain an understanding of the medical interventions that may be encountered including medication and anesthesia options. (This course places equal emphasis on natural methods and medical interventions.) We will help prepare you for all the steps of birth from knowing when to leave for the hospital to taking care of yourself after birth.  Receipt provided for reimbursement through your insurance company.

Fee:  $300.00

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Childbirth Classes for Young Mothers

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